This is a basic offering of services with pricing guidelines. Phone or email consultations are always at no fee. 

Shamanic Practitioner, Master of Mayan Ira'Ku Healing, Reiki master/instructor and intuitive reader

Healing Services
The Shaman believes that all illness stems from or is affected by a wound or fragmentation to the soul being. Treating the body is helpful and necessary but healing for the soul is also needed. Until we heal these issues true healing can't begin. A Shaman "journeys" into the spirit realm and works with you on an energetic or soul level to repair spiritual maladies and retreive fragmented soul portions. These healing treatments are beneficial for both physical and psychological issues and help promote physical and psychological health and wellbeing. Reverend Michael is a Reiki master, Mayan Ira' Ku healing master and practicing Shamanic Healer. Any or all of these methods can be used in a healing sessions.
1 hour session-$125 

Intuitive readings that reveal to you the messages that spirit, your guides and guardians want to deliver to you. All readings are channelled directly from Spirit and delivered to you in a completely confidential and safe environment. Readings are performed using direct Spirit talk and oracle cards selected and interpreted by spirit guides and angels. Always loving and non-judgemental but always direct and honest to help you move along your path to your own highest good. Readings last generally an hour but can go longer depending on the messages being delivered. Readings in person, by phone or on Skype.

Shamanic/Ministerial Services
Services are always custom tailored to your wants and needs. Shamanic work such as blessings, house clearing, spiritual counseling,  journey work or instruction. Michael is a non-denominational minister and would be happy to customize a ceremony to meet the needs of your blessed event! Weddings, handfastings, birth ceremonies, naming ceremonies or any other rite-of-passage ceremonies you desire. Pricing will be based on your needs.

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